Bermuda Terrace

Community Projects

Information regarding the current and past projects to maintain our development including By Law Updates, Work Days, Boat Dock Repairs and Front Entrance Maintenance

Current Projects

BTPOA Projects

General Cleanup: Ongoing

--Dock Area

--Dry Storage


Electrical System (Dock Area) - The Electrical system update for the Dock area has been approved and awarded to contractor.

Dock Safety - The Board is working with different agencies to reduce the reckless and hazardous conditions in the waterway in front of the Marina area

Pedestrian Gate(Dock Area) - A New Fence between the existing Dock Entrance Gate and the property line to te north is being quoted. Hoping to get installed soon

Security Cameras(Dock Area) - Security Cameras for the Dock area have been purchased and will be installed once the electrical system is updated

Ramp Restoration - 2016 - COMPLETED